School Life

In addition to outstanding academics, AEA offers to its students a wide range of opportunities to challenge them in the areas of performing arts, athletics, technology, and community responsibility. By participating, students uncover hidden talents, learn to express themselves, and discover new passions.

In line with the AEA philosophy of providing an environment which helps students meet their fullest potential, our extra-curricular activities create excellent opportunities for individual discovery in areas beyond those covered by the core curriculum.

The American English Academy’s yearly calendar features many events throughout the year, some of which hold long-standing traditions for our institution. These are the times when students can have fun and show off their knowledge, social responsibility, creativity, and talents, to their teachers and parents.

Winter Musical Production

The AEA Christmas Musical is our grand event which involves the whole student body and parent community. We believe that performing arts are a great aid in the development of students’ presentation, communication, and social skills. The preparation for this event involves students in a project-based learning process in which they share responsibilities and get engaged in different activities related to acting, dance, solo singing and choir, props, make-up, and stage lights. Through their excitement and while having fun, students are developing skills they will be able to use in their future as successful and prosperous adults.

Besides demonstrating their talents and enriching their experience in the area of performing arts, students gain additional benefits while participating and working together with their friends. Teamwork, presentation and communication skills, project and time management are some of the abilities which children develop.

The success of each production is a result of the collective efforts of all our students. It is a great achievement of their hard work, talents, and dedication which they often treasure for their entire life.

Anti-Bullying Week

At AEA we take pride of securing a safe and positive atmosphere for all students. It is our strong belief that students have to learn, grow and develop in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance. This is why we put emphasis on raising their awareness by providing instruction on the personal and social aspects of aggression and bullying at school.

International Culture Week

The Culture week is one of our most festive and enjoyed times of the year when we all celebrate the cultural diversity at the American English Academy. Our desire as an international school is to create a multi-cultural environment for our students and to fulfill our school mission to educate global citizens. We believe events like this help our students benefit from the richness of the different nationalities at AEA and help them achieve a better understanding of the world.

Science Fair

AEA Science Fair is an exciting event when each child chooses an experiment to present in front of the jury and other classes. The students are learning the principles of the scientific method, and how to formulate a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, collect, and interpret data.

Spelling Bee Contest

The AEA Spelling Bee Contest is conducted in front of the parent community. This is show-off time where we gladly present the skills our students have attained. The contest is a trial for knowledge, character and perseverance.