AEA Scholarship Program

Limited financial assistance in the form of partial scholarship is available for new high school enrollees joining the AEA student community after February 1, 2020. Priority for scholarship is given to high-achieving international or local students with exceptional academic record, whose sponsoring agencies do not provide for full tuition. Scholarship requests and applications are considered on a case-by-case basis, and provision of scholarship depends upon funds and spaces available at the applicant’s grade level.

The AEA Scholarship Program extends to students applying for admission to Grades 9-12. All applicants should demonstrated excellent command of the English language, high motivation and eagerness to learn.

Applicants for the scholarship program should submit:

  • Standard AEA Admission Application
  • Scholarship request letter by parents
  • Academic records from previous school year, indicating successful academic performance and behavior
  • Recommendation by a teacher from a previous school
  • Letters from parents and applicant student indicating motivation for attending AEA
  • Submission of proof of financial need (i.e. letter from embassy or employing company)

All scholarship applications are subject to the AEA standard entrance assessment and student’s successful performance is a major factor which is taken into consideration for a final scholarship decision.

AEA provides scholarship for a period of one school year. Continuation of funding in years following admission of the student, depends upon year by year review of the recipient’s satisfactory performance in terms of academics and behavior.

AEA believes that a positive and constructive working relationship between the school and a student’s parents is essential. Consequently, the American English Academy may not continue financial assistance and enrollment, if school authorities conclude that the actions of a parent make such a constructive relationship impossible or otherwise seriously interfere with the school’s accomplishment of its educational mission.

The AEA scholarship program is funded by the school’s parenting company, Markan Holding AD. Scholarship application approval is granted by the AEA scholarship committee, chaired by a representative of the parenting company.

Applicant’s Admission Application should be submitted online. All other documentation should be sent by email to