Preschool (K3-K4)

Every day is a new adventure for our youngest learners. They are filled with new ideas, eager for new friendships, and curious for new exciting discoveries.

We know how important it is for them to have fun while learning, and we have thoughtfully designed child-centered and developmentally appropriate learning spaces in our Kindergarten to suit all children’s needs.

Our inquiry-based curriculum allows them to explore and connect through their own interests while developing key abilities and competences for their age. The academic program of our K3-K4 young learners focuses on the following aspects which we deem key for every child’s development: speech, physical and motor skills, social and emotional competences, cognitive development.

Kindergarten (K5-K6)

Our loving, caring staff works to provide a wide variety of age-appropriate activities and exciting learning experiences with the highest quality of supervision and care. Our K5-K6 boys and girls are eager students ready to learn and grow. They explore, discover, and absorb just about everything they encounter. The AEA Kindergarten promotes the joy and curiosity our children have about their world, while providing an academic program that will prepare them for their transition to Grade 1.
To best prepare your child for success throughout their academic life, our Advanced K (K6) program incorporates a comprehensive educational program including math, science & nature, social studies, fine arts, and social-emotional development. A strong emphasis is put on students’ English language skills, and abilities to read and write.

Elementary School

We believe that elementary school, Grades 1-4, is the foundation of a lifelong learning process and we take this responsibility very seriously. We have thoughtfully developed a supporting and inclusive environment promoting each child’s personal growth and providing opportunity for balance between literacy in the core subjects and space for each student’s talents and creativity.

We have created an intimate atmosphere of balanced class sizes, creating a sense of “community of learners”. Yet, guided by our mission statement “to train and release global citizens who are passionate about life and learning”, we prepare our students for today’s interconnected world with the help of technology. All classrooms are equipped with interactive Promethean Smart boards and teachers integrate innovative methods in their teaching styles.

With students from over 40 different nationalities, we know that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to learning. Our students have the enriching opportunity of experiencing the diversity of different nations and ethnicities, and our highly qualified teachers provide just the right style of instruction to concentrate diversity into high academic achievements.

Middle School

The middle school benefits from an extensive range of excellent resources helping students reach their potential while developing their self-confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset. Our curriculum and inspired teaching ensures that all students enjoy a broad and rigorous instruction. The excellent facilities and a rich extra-curricular activities program complete a well-rounded education for your child.

Students in Grades 5 to 8 are presented with challenges, encouraged and inspired to stretch beyond their comfort zone and expand their learning across all disciplines. The aim is to prepare the students with a solid foundation of knowledge and support them in capitalizing their interests and talents in the process of formation of their personal identity.

The core middle School academic courses of English language arts, social studies, math, and science include project-based learning to provide real-world experiences that allow students to conceptualize, apply, and re-act new learning. AEA has also developed numerous partnerships with external private and national educational institutions such as Techno Magic Land (Tech Park Sofia), Sofia Airport Aviation School for Students, The National Gallery, and others to provide engaging first-hand experience and taste for real-life professional environments. Field trips, excursions and competitions abroad are part of our students experience all year round. AEA middle school students, members of the debate club, are traditionally recognized participants at the World Scholar’s Cup competition.

AEA students consistently achieve beyond international school group averages on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP testing) in all grade levels across all disciplines. Upon completion of the middle school cycle, all children have gained full command of the English language. Our students are well prepared for a successful transition to High School.

High School

The American education is known for its flexibility and academic program personalization. At AEA, we strive to deliver a flexible and challenging full college and university preparatory curriculum. We prepare our high school students for college success and provide them with the tools they need to fulfill their greatest potential academically, socially, and personally.

Our intimate learning atmosphere — featuring small class sizes and exceptional teachers — is the hallmark of our school and has allowed us to create a family-like environment that is highly responsive to students’ needs. Incorporation of technology in the classrooms and hands-on teaching practices ensure that each student receives the necessary personal attention to their educational needs.

The high school students are offered a range of levels with the Advanced Placement (AP) being our most challenging academic program. The AP courses, offered and certified by College Board, are recognized by universities worldwide and give advantage to high school graduates pursuing further education in the United States and worldwide. American English Academy is the only one AP certified examination center in the country of Bulgaria – for information about the fees, exams and their organization, please follow the link.

Students in their last two years of high schools can benefit from the school’s university and career guidance aimed at preparing them for their transition to life after graduation.