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Based on international Best Practices and accreditation standards in education, the American English Academy follows the Common Core Standards widely used in the United States and abroad. Its unique approach incorporates a variety of publishing companies that encompass its core curriculum. McGraw-Hill, Holt McDougal, Saxon Mathematics, Pearson and other industry leaders are utilized from Kindergarten to 12th grade (3 years old to 18 years old). Teachers are permitted to use supplemental  materials that pertain to the subject-matter of the course and that are pre-approved by the Academy Administration.

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  • Instructional Method

    All classrooms are equipped with Promethean technology with the use of interactive boards and tables. The learning environment comes to life and is conducive to the interests of students who are continually adapting to a technology-driven world. Students are able to apply critical thinking skills to make their own judgments and conclusions based on practical examples. Depending on the subject, classes may be taught by lecture, lab, or by hands-on experiments. The use of technology is monitored and regulated by the teacher and leadership team.

    English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

    Students whose first language is not English have the support they need with qualified ESL/EFL teachers and support specialists. For additional support, the Academy offers a tutoring program for all students after school hours that cater to the improvement of the English language and other school subjects. Students have the opportunity to learn French, Spanish, Bulgarian, and of course English.