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Early Years 

Every day is a new adventure for our youngest learners, aged 3 and 4. They are filled with new ideas, eager for new friendships, and curious for new exciting discoveries.

We know how important it is for them to have fun while learning, and we have thoughtfully designed child-centered and developmentally appropriate learning spaces in our Kindergarten to suit all children’s needs.

Our inquiry-based curriculum allows them to explore and connect through their own interests while developing key abilities and competences for their age. The academic program of our K3-K4 young learners focuses on the following aspects which we deem key for every child’s development: speech, physical and motor skills, social and emotional competences, cognitive development.


Our loving and caring staff works to provide a wide variety of age-appropriate activities and exciting learning experiences with the highest quality of supervision and care. At the age of 5 and 6, our preschoolers are eager students ready to learn and grow. They explore, discover, and absorb just about everything they encounter. The AEA Pre-school promotes the joy and curiosity our children have about their world, while providing an academic program that will prepare them for their transition to Grade 1.

To best prepare your child for success throughout their academic life, our Advanced K (K6) program incorporates a comprehensive educational program including math, science & nature, social studies, fine arts, and social-emotional development objectives. A strong emphasis is put on students’ English language skills, and abilities to read and write.