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New students are placed in a specific grade level based on their previous educational experience and their age. Thus, for example, a student who has completed 3rd grade in a previous school most probably will be admitted to 4th grade at AEA. Applicants’ assessment results provide additional guidelines in regard to students’ most adequate placement. The following table illustrates the AEA general placement age requirements as of school year 2018-19.

Level Applicant’s Year of Birth Class Size Level Applicant’s Year of Birth Class Size Level Applicant’s Year of Birth Class Size
K3 2015 15 Grade 3 2009/2010 20/40 Grade 8 2004/2005 20
K4 2014 15 Grade 4 2008/2009 20/40 Grade 9 2003/2004 20
K5 2013 20 Grade 5 2007/2008 20 Grade 10 2002/2003 20
Grade 1 2011/2012 20 Grade 6 2006/2007 20 Grade 11 2001/2002 20
Grade 2 2010/2011 20/40 Grade 7 2005/2006 20 Grade 12 2000/2001 20


Please note that each applicant is assessed on a case-by-case basis and exceptions could be made if there are relevant reasons for placement outside the described ranges. Due to the specifics of our student population and the fact that our students come from different educational systems, there are instances where additional criteria are applied. In all cases, students should be no more than twelve months older or younger than the average age for their grade.