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The Elementary Department strives to instill creativity and inspiration within its students and to make the learning process an exciting experience. Our teachers care and facilitate learning by believing in our students, and our students thrive in this supportive environment.

Small class sizes at the AEA produce “communities of learners” that embrace individuality, team learning endeavors and academic excellence. Our faculty provides developmentally appropriate challenges that guide students through one success after another.

Through a variety of curricular experiences, we focus on concept development, real life application and readiness for a lifetime of learning. Major goals are articulated in our school-wide learning results, which focus on our values of becoming effective lifelong learners and communicators, critical thinkers, and globally responsible citizens. AEA believes in developing and inspiring the whole child. In addition to our rigorous core academic curriculum, the Elementary students study art, music, foreign language and physical education. We are proud to be your learning community and celebrate your child’s growth and success!